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SEEDS of Learning is a nationally recognized evidence-based professional development program that prepares educators and parents to help children develop the social, emotional, language and literacy and math skills they need to be ready for kindergarten. We know that meaningful relationships with adults are inherently linked to a child’s later school success.


Nurturing a safe and trusting adult-child relationship by maintain awareness of children’s actions, abilities, thoughts and feelings and responding appropriately to meet their emotional, physical, and academic needs.


Providing support and demonstrating empathy in our interactions with children and displaying joy, pleasure, interest, and a desire to understand their behavior, words, and non-verbal cues.


Intentionally embedding developmentally-appropriate sensorimotor, social-emotional, and cognitive learning opportunities into all interactions with children. Giving explicit and embedded education to key predictive skills in the Big 5 early literacy skills: vocabulary and meaning, alphabetic knowledge, book and print rules, phonological awareness and memory, and conversation comprehension and oral language.

Development of Skills through Doing

Allowing children the opportunities to explore their world through a multi-sensory approach and hands-on learning. Actively engage children are more likely to enjoy learning and continue on the road to confident and capable learners.

Self-Image Support

Using high quality interactions that support children to feel lovable, respected, and capable.


Starting in 2020, SEEDS of Learning will partner with CARES for Learning to provide the tools (SEEDS) and professional learning services (CARES) proven to foster powerful advances in child development.

Together, we can support you to meet your goals of providing impactful experiences for children.

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