What is CARES for Learning?

CARES for Learning is a national 501(c)(3) organization that is the sole program provider for SEEDS of Learning frameworks. CARES partners with community-based organizations and foundations to ensure the conditions for successful implementation and long-term impact are in place. The philanthropic support of CARES for Learning defrays costs for schools and childcare providers seeking professional development for their educators.


The CARES for Learning mission is to make sure every child can read fluently by third grade, with mastery in the proven five essential components to reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

CARES will reduce educational disparities through evidence-based professional development based on the science of reading and paired with the quality interactions needed to bring the science of reading into daily routines.

Our vision is to ensure that:

  • All children will be proficient, fluent readers by 3rd grade.
  • All children will be socially and emotionally ready to engage with complex tasks and ideas effectively by 3rd grade.
  • All adults will be confident and capable of supporting children to reach these goals.

The values of CARES for Learning are in its name:

Confident and capable Adults through Relationship and Evidence-based Support

We achieve our mission by collaborating with schools, providers, and parents to create professional learning plans that are differentiated based on the unique context of each community. We leverage training, observation, and feedback as critical levers as we monitor progress toward a shared vision of confident and capable learners.

When paired with evidence-based instructional tools, are proven to be effective in increasing school readiness and equity for dual language learners, children in poverty, and children of color.