What Is It?

SEEDS of Learning is a set of Early Childhood Professional Development frameworks. SEEDS of Infant/Toddler Learning uses a Train-the-Trainer model and coaching support that caregivers need to create supportive, caring, and productive interactions with children.

This framework shows caregivers how to:

  • Increase outcomes for children using evidence-based best practices
  • Increase teacher efficacy through a research-based skill development cycle
  • Strengthen community and learning through quality interactions

Who Is It For?

This framework is designed for caregivers and leaders of infants and toddler programs.

Potential SEEDS of Learning participants often have experience in education, psychology, special education, and/or early childhood education.

How It Works

An organization (like a childcare center or provider) selects internal staff to be trained in the SEEDS model by the CARES for Learning team.
The staff attends a SEEDS model training and receives coaching from a CARES for Learning coach or an internal staff member with a SEEDS Coaching certification.
The staff implements the SEEDS framework. Staff and children feel confident and capable.

“What I loved about the SEEDS sessions was that I could put into motion what I had learned immediately.”

– Sandra Reyes, Teacher, City of Oakland Head Start

Get started with SEEDS

We are committed to cultivating capable learners through our evidence-based programs. Each training session is created with your needs in mind. With intentional, relationship-based practices, we want to support you in improving your educational approach. For more information or to schedule your next training session, contact us today!

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