Back to School

It’s that time of year again – back to school season. This fall, returning to classes looks very different than in years prior. The typical back to school season met with excitement is now filled with concern. Whether that’s in-person classes, online learning, or a hybrid of the two, many students, parents, and teachers feel uneasy about returning to school this fall. 


In the spring, COVID-19 interrupted in-person education as we knew it, causing online learning to become the new norm. The rapid transition from in-person classes to distance learning left many feeling unprepared to continue schooling from their homes. Now that it is clear that that virtual education is here to stay, families have no choice but to adapt.

Recall your earliest back to school memories. One of the most exciting aspects of returning to the classroom was the checklist of things to prepare – finding the coolest superhero backpack, getting a fresh pack of crayons, and choosing a folder in your favorite color. The joyful experiences that bring butterflies of excitement to children are now overshadowed by worry. 

The uncertainty of this year forced back to school shopping to be a stressor rather than a small joy. For some, supply stores are unsafe to enter. Others may have to cut back on school items due to the unprecedented circumstances. Things that seemed like a right of passage have now become an inconvenience. 


SEEDS of Learning is aware of how stressful back to school can be during ordinary times, let alone during a global pandemic. SEEDS of Learning wanted to support the adjustment to distance learning by providing Home Kits to approximately 600 families in the Oakland community. The SEEDS@HomeKits are full of objects typically found in a kindergarten classroom. Included are items such as glue sticks, pencils, books, and more! Not only do SEEDS@HomeKits ensure children have the items required to participate in classroom activities, but the kits also give back some excitement about returning to school during these extraordinary times.

In the digital age we live in now, there is a more significant emphasis on technological devices. Computers, laptops, tablets, etc. are a great way to stay safely connected. However, important aspects, like fine motor skills, can be forgotten. With the SEEDS@Homekits, students can continue to grow their fine motor skills with the necessary tools provided – cutting out shapes with their little safety scissors, writing letters with sharp new colored pencils, and erasing happy accidents with a fresh pink eraser are all ways children can develop their fine motor skills.

The SEEDS@HomeKits are a small gesture to support the continual growth of children in the Oakland area. Our team members delivered many of the SEEDS@HomeKits to schools and teachers. The staff members were then able to connect with their students by sharing the new materials with their young learners. One teacher shared how excited she was for her students to get the SEEDS@HomeKits “I came home to this beautiful stack of amazing supplies for my kiddos! Thank you so so much! I cannot believe what you have done for our students! Our families will be so grateful!” With all the things caregivers have to worry about in the year of 2020, school supplies should not be one of them. SEEDS of Learning wants to support children’s growth in any way possible this school year.

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