3 – 5 Year Olds – Participant Manual

3-5 Participant Manual Description

Manual offers a relationship based instructional approach, providing a map to high quality intentional interactions for early childhood educators and professionals. This 9 session curriculum is a user-friendly way to embed literacy rich evidence-based concepts and strategies into daily routines and interactions. Covering areas: early learning, quality interactions, vocabulary and oral language, book awareness, phonological awareness, visual discrimination, print and written expression, response to intervention.

Why We Recommend

-You will learn continuum stages to gage where children are in there learning.
-Gain insight on how to transfer your environment to full of SEEDS ideologies.
-Develop the skills to be an effective, explicit, teacher making a meaningful difference.

*Please allow up 2 weeks for processing and shipping. If you need the item sooner please specify, we will work with you on shipping costs. 

Tool Kit Description

Tool kit will help transform your environment into a SEEDS quality environment. Providing the tools to enhance and scaffold children’s learning.

The tool kits includes:
-SEEDS Branded Sturdy Tote Bag
-Red “What is it?” Bag
-Double Sided White Dry Eraser White Board
-Dry Eraser & Marker

*Can purchase with the manual or individually.

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