Family Childcare Providers – Participant Manual

Family Childcare Providers  Participant Manual $60

The SEEDS of Learning Family Childcare Providers Manual is written specifically for those who are providing care for children ages birth to five. This 8-session curriculum offers a relationship-based instructional approach to literacy and provides a map to high-quality intentional interactions. SEEDS will help you embed literacy-rich, evidence-based concepts and strategies into daily routines and interactions. The manual will cover areas: early learning, quality interactions, vocabulary and oral language, book awareness, phonological awareness, visual discrimination, print ad written expression.

Why we recommended:

-You will learn continuum stages to gage where children are in there learning.
-Gain insight on how to transfer your environment full of SEEDS ideologies.
-Develop the skills to be an effective, explicit, provider making a meaningful difference.

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Tool Kit Description $30

Tool kit will help transform your environment into a SEEDS quality environment. Providing the tools to enhance and scaffold children’s learning.
The tool kits includes:
-SEEDS Branded Sturdy Tote Bag
-Red “What is it?” bag
-Double Sided Dry Eraser White Board
-Dry Eraser & Marker.

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