Spotlighting Our Educators

This year, SEEDS-CARES wanted to highlight one of the most impactful aspects in a child’s development – YOU, the teachers. We hope to spread the word on the importance of children’s literacy by spotlighting some of our SEEDS certified educators. This is what they had to say about education, SEEDS, and literacy!

Dr. Philip S.

“As with all educators, I live for the, “ah-ha moments,” when a little spark of knowledge is suddenly lit up within students. Through many years of teaching, it has been my constant privilege to not only witness this phenomenon, but to be a facilitator of it. Perhaps nowhere is this more readily seen than in early childhood education.  I enjoy the training received in SEEDS, because it helps me further develop my skills to provide the, “ah-ha moments.” SEEDS is a vital tool for both experienced and new teachers.  Through applying the SEEDS teaching techniques and activities within my TK classroom, I can see that it assists me in providing the best learning environment for ALL my students. In the eight weeks since this school year began, I have seen the spark of knowledge ignite in students who started the school year not knowing all of the letters of the alphabet, to now recognizing and reading sight words, and CVC words.  I thank SEEDS for being a part of this experience with me. It has been a wonderful journey.”

Connie L.

“When I was in Kindergarten, I absolutely knew I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher when I grew up. I loved school, and I want to make sure my students feel the same way I do about learning. It was at SEEDS that I finally found the structure, routines, and guidance to gain the confidence I needed to do what I do best – teach! I love being able to come together with TK teachers and like-minded educators across the district with common goals among us. It’s really amazing that we are one of the first few people, outside of a child’s family, to really shape their perspectives about learning! One of my favorite parts of being a TK teacher has got to be the gifts. When a child comes up to you with an old toilet paper roll with a bandaid on it, gives it to you, and calls you their favorite teacher, you have no choice but to accept it graciously!”

Jamee Toledo A.

“Greetings amazing beings! My name is Jamee Toledo Aroma. Being an educator is an honor, as it is humbling to work with great young minds! Seeing each student grow through the year, developing their literacy skills is heart-warming and exciting, knowing that literacy is a form of liberation. My high school teacher, Mr. Paul Lai, who introduced us to Paolo Freire’s work around pedagogy inspires me to take action and see ideas come through fruition through the work of literacy, as it empowers each individual being. The stories that each student shares enriches the meaning of learning and through SEEDs’ shared tools, it accentuates the power of each student through story-telling. May all be well in taking care of self and others, sharing love and light with little ones. Cheers!”

Nica S.

“The SEEDS framework provides developmentally-appropriate learning goals for young children and prioritizes social-emotional well-being above all else as the foundation for a lifetime of joyful learning. I feel confident that even in these tech-driven times, my students are developing invaluable literacy skills which I know will continue to serve them far beyond my class. Most importantly, my students are having fun as they sing, move, laugh, and play their way through TK. Thank you, SEEDS!”

Emily G.

SEEDS-CARES Virtual New Teacher Training

“What do you enjoy most about being an educator?  Relationships withStudents and families.

What brought you to SEEDS; why do you stay with SEEDS?  The targeted training on early childhood and research focused on 3-5-year-olds.

What inspired you to be an educator? My second-grade teacher Mrs. Harrington inspired me to be a teacher, my parents believed in me and provided me opportunities to go to college and follow my dreams.

Why do you think SEEDS are important? SEEDS has tools and strategies that give teachers, tutors, and students research-based activities that provide students early literacy skills.

What’s your favorite example of how SEEDS made an impact? The tutors that are now valued interventionist in their school community.

What is the most important thing to remember when interacting with children? A balanced interaction, being aware, encouraging, and giving the students the opportunity to show what they know.”

Bernadette Pilar Z.

“What do you enjoy most about being an educator? I love the laughter of children, seeing children’s faces when they understand something, and the amazing stories they tell.”

What brought you to SEEDS; why do you stay with SEEDS?  I fell in love with relationship building. As a student of color, multilingual, and multi-racial, my teachers were not nice to me. SEEDS builds off the child and the assets of each child.”

What inspired you to be an educatorI do not want children to have the same experiences as me.

Why do you think SEEDS is important? SEEDS is fun, singing, and always finding the assets of children.

What’s your favorite example of how SEEDS made an impact? There are so many! Not sure I have one.

What is the most important thing to remember when interacting with children? JUST listen!

Anything else you’d like to highlight about being an educator, children’s literacy and development, or the SEEDS. I am happy to be able to grow alongside teachers during this challenging new time.”

SEEDS-CARES Team Planning Meeting

Ann H.

“SEEDS serves as a great foundation in any program.  It has a great emphasis is on building quality relationships with the children.  Teachers are introduced many useful techniques that they are able to use throughout the day.  SEEDS shows everyone how to be change agents and I am thankful to be a part of it.” 

Erin C.

“I appreciate the adaptations SEEDS have made during distance learning to ensure that all preschool scholars have access to high-quality instruction.  The SEEDS interventions have taught scholars letters, sounds, phonemic awareness, and how to write their name regardless that we cannot be in person.”

We are so thankful for all of our SEEDS educators. Thank you for all the hard work you do – it does not go unnoticed. If you would like to be featured on our Tuesday Teacher Spotlights, please email Carmen at

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